Welcome to the home of a rather superawesome * indie game developer based in Hamar , Norway.
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Current projects

What keeps us awake at night?

We have just released our first big project Among the Sleep! It's been an incredible journey for us. What started out as a humble student project, have actually become a finished game, and we hope it provides a unique and interesting experience! To read more about the project, visit the project website. We've also published a free experimental side-project recently, please have a look!

More info will be published continuously on our blog. And please don't hesitate
to contact us! According to some guy we met, we can be quite pleasant. paper plane

Who are we?

Especially that guy in purple!

We are a team of young game developers who seek to deliver unique and engaging experiences. With these we hope to touch and inspire both experienced and new gamers, while challenging existing game conventions. Check us out here:

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