Krillbite Studio | Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition is coming for Nintendo Switch!
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Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition is coming for Nintendo Switch!

It’s finally happening, Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition is coming for Nintendo Switch this year!

Ever since Nintendo announced the amazing hybrid console Switch, we’ve had fans asking us for a port of Among the Sleep. With the core of our team being busy working on our upcoming title Mosaic, we didn’t really have the resources to do a Switch port internally. Luckily for us, our longtime partner Soedesco proposed a collaboration.

Soedesco has been working with us on the physical edition of Among the Sleep for Playstation 4 and PC. Both have been very well received by players, so bringing Among the Sleep to Switch was something both of us wanted to do.

It’s been exciting for us to play our game on Nintendo Switch, Soedesco has done a tremendous job with the port. Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition feels really intimate and personal when playing in handheld mode, and we can’t wait for you guys to try it out on your own consoles. The Switch has turned into a great platform for indie games, and we’re proud to see Among the Sleep up there with so many other great indie titles.

The Switch-version contains all the content from the recently released Enhanced Edition of our game: updated graphics, new dialogue, bonus museum level, art book, etc. As for the release dat, we don’t have one yet. But it’s real and it’s coming and we’ll give you the release date as soon as we know.

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