Krillbite Studio | Audio waves and good vibes at Global Game Jam
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Audio waves and good vibes at Global Game Jam

This past weekend we arranged the magical event of Global Game Jam Hamar so let us tell you some of the really great things that went on during only 48 hours!

Friends and games

Global Game Jam is truly a global event with participants in 95 countries! The event here is arranged by Hamar Game Collective, which includes it’s member companies, like Krillbite Studio. A game jam is an event where you have a limited time to create a game, and different game jams have different set-ups. Big or small, it’s all good. Never heard of Global Game Jam? Check this out

We were several from Krillbite Studio jamming this weekend, some worked on personal projects and some on completely new projects. Our technical artist, Bjørnar Frøyse, and our sound designer, Martin Kvale, worked together with one of the members of Perfectly Paranormal, artist and animator Ozan Drøsdal.

The theme of this year’s jam was “waves”. Hamar also has a local theme each year – this is a theme meant to inspire and fuel creativity, not set limits. This year’s local theme was audio, so it was really funny how well the two themes fitted together. We wanted to focus on audio because it’s such an important part of great experiences, but are often forgotten or left to last. It was also a tribute to our beloved friend, Jory Prum, which we miss greatly.

The game Bjørnar, Martin, and Ozan made is a humerus game about skeletons fighting each other. By pressing the correct buttons a player performs a wave of cheer for the fighting skeleton that we’re rooting on. A correct wave will give the skeleton enough confidence to land a punch, but a repeated fail of doing the wave will result in the skeleton becoming demotivated and the opposing skeleton gets in a hard-hitting punch.

The game is called Bring ‘Em Up Old Boy! and is sure to be the next big hit.

Screenshot from the game Bring ‘Em Up Old Boy!

We made a trailer you can see here:

Jamming is good for you

At GGJ Hamar we want people to have an experience that leaves them with more knowledge, more passion, more empathy, and even a greater understanding of oneself. We start the event with a keynote that sets the tone. The keynote will talk about motivation in projects, give tips about jamming, advice on how to believe in yourself, and so on.

This year we were so lucky as to have amazing Nicki Rapp as our keynote! Nicki is a voiceover actress and have done some great voices like Lily in Telltale’s The Walking Dead, Lili Zanotto in Psychonauts, Morgan LeFlay in Tales of Monkey Island, the teenager in The Sims 2, and The Sims 3, Dead Eye Courtney in Broken Age, and she was one of the teenagers in Firewatch which they also called Lily. In her keynote, she talked about believing in oneself, especially when others don’t, and that life can take you to surprising places with your skill set.

Nicki Rapp during GGJ Hamar

During the weekend we also had four workshops! The first one was held by one of the programmers at Krillbite Studio, Trond Fasteraune. He talked about scoping and how to manage projects in short amount of time – like a game jam. In the second talk, Andy Touch from Unity3D had a session where he showed tips and tricks for quick development in Unity during game jams. The third workshop was held by Ozan Drøsdal, the animator at Perfectly Paranormal. He talked about the joys (and sorrows) of animations and gave some insight on how to develop animation skills. The last one was a sound design workshop held by our very own Martin Kvale. He got people to be creative and create sounds with odd objects and turn it into something cool and filled with expression!

Our super cute mascots for GGJHamar! Created by Karoline Aske and Bjørnar Frøyse.

Anniversary in 2018

In the small town of Hamar we were 219 jammers! That made us the 18th biggest jam site in the world!  We’re very proud of this and that people join in on creating an amazing event for so many. We arrange the jam at the university college in town that teaches game development, among other things, and it’s really great to get the students involved as well.

In 2018 there is a 10 year anniversary for Global Game Jam. Hamar has been arranging since the start and we’re going to be celebrating also. Maybe you’ll join us?

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