Krillbite Studio | Krillbite Dev Profiles: Alexanna!
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Krillbite Dev Profiles: Alexanna!


Programmers make the designer’s dream possible, and this week we present one of our newest team members, Alexanna!

What is your role on the team?
I’m a gameplay programmer, so it is my job to help code main mechanics you interact with in a game.

How did you start out with game development?
I did a year of game design in Sunnhordland Folkehøyskole (a school here in Norway), and then I got recruited for a year in a student company. I alway had a dream of getting into game development, but I never believed I would actually manage it until suddenly all the puzzle pieces fell together, and now here I am.

Why did you choose this?
I was torn between this and psychology, working for child protective services was my fallback if I could not get into the industry. Like most of life, it ended up being more a series of coincidences that led me here, and I am rather happy they did.

We’re glad it did too!

It was always a dream, to work on video games, but the kinda dream you never expect to be reached. This whole experience has shown me that any dream can be achieved if you work hard for it, and don’t give up.

Could you name your top three video games?
Stronghold 2, by Firefly studios. They were the one’s that made me want to get into the games industry.

Ratchet and Clank series, by Insomniac Games. They are close childhood memories, it was the first game which was mine, and that started my gaming career.

Banished, by Shining Rock Software. As an inspiration to what the indie industry can manage and what even a single individual can manage with determination and patience.

Do you have a dream video game project?
My dream project is an extensive strategy base-builder. I love working with numbers and stats, finding the most efficient way to do anything. I have a dream of combining ideas from Lego Rock Raiders, Minecraft, Motherload, the mod Terra Firma Craft for Minecraft, into a massive and rich world.

Woah, cool!

What is your favourite language to code in? And why this?
Well, my main language is C#, as it is the one I have spent the most time coding in, but I don’t know if I can call it my favourite without giving other languages a decent chance. I’m going to start using C++ for some of my projects at home, who knows maybe who is going to be my favourite in a year or two.

Any tips for those that want to get into the games industry?
Getting into the games industry can be difficult, but you can get there if you don’t give up and you have dedication. One of the best places to start is to make your own team and start making your own game. Having a game on your CV shows companies that you know some of what is required to start making games with the pros.

We agree! Working on projects, big and small, is super important both for your career and yourself in general. Dear reader, how did you start out with game development?


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