Krillbite Studio | We scared a bunch of people at RTX
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We scared a bunch of people at RTX


Many of you know that Among the Sleep is finally coming to consoles later this year, both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (yay!), so as a part of our “hurray, consoles!” tour we went to RTX in Austin, Texas earlier this August.

Horror games is an acquired taste

The conference celebrated its fifth anniversary this year and was bigger than ever. We were super happy for the invitation, a big thanks to RTX for giving us a booth! Because of Rooster Teeth affiliate Markiplier, Among the Sleep is quite well known in the Rooster Teeth community. It’s kind of unreal and it gave us much joy when people came over to the booth and exclaimed “Oh, wow! Among the Sleep!”, or “AW, HELL NO, AMONG THE SLEEP!”. Some people are just not fans of horror games.

The conference was held in Austin Convention Centre and the place were packed with cool booths! There were retro gaming stations, several t-shirt stores, board games, digital games, artists and loads of other nerd culture stuff. For many attendees the most important part is of course the panels from the people of Rooster Teeth. We heard stories about looong waiting lines.

Our viking quest

We surprised a few attendees when we told them we flew all the way from Norway, and yeah, it was a pretty hardcore trip for just a weekend. But it was also really great!


We brought PCs for convenience.. #indiedevlife

Our booth was always crowded and we introduced Among the Sleep to a lot of new fans, which was so much fun. The people that attended were amazing; they were really kind and eager to get involved and ask questions. We handed out stickers to people and they seemed to really appreciate it, good vibes all around! We also had a Twitter competition where the people who played the demo told us the coolest/best/scariest thing with the game and we picked winners that got t-shirts and a Steam version of the game.

Our marketing gal got interviewed by Twin Stick Media and they put the result up on their YouTube channel! Here you can hear talk about Among the Sleep post-release and also a bit from our unannounced project Mosaic.

Outside the convention we didn’t have much time, but we enjoyed some great food and got to meet a lot of nice Über drivers.

image1 (1)

We nominate this to the coolest restaurant (ever?)! Awesome pizza at The ABGB.

I just got something in my eye

All of Krillbite Studio are big fans of video games, not surprisingly, and we’re always swept away by the love people show us and the game medium at conventions.

The last day of RTX we met a bunch of friends who after around 20 years still play together. Really heartwarming to hear about, and not the least impressive, considering blue shells and (the plethora of) similar friendship breakers in video games!


Truly inspiring friendship! (PS. The booth next to AtS was Butt Sniffing Pugs, haha!)

Krillbite Studio have been around for some years now, and each year we grow with the encounters of fantastic people like here at RTX. We hope to have many more and can’t wait to share them with you <3

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