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We can finally share the news that Mosaic will be out on all Apple devices as part of the new subscription service Apple Arcade!  [vc_column width=‘1/2’]Apple Arcade is a new subscription service from Apple where you get access to a lot of brand new premium games...

[vc_column width=‘1/2’]Today we launched our brand new game, BLIPBLOP, on iOs and Android! You can download it right now, for free! Do it! You won’t regret it! With our new mobile sensation, BLIPBLOP - our aggressive market research and user testing practices exceed all of...

After several weeks of intense work we are finally ready for GDC. Right now Martin, Adrian, Torstein and Jon Cato are somewhere over the Atlantic, heading to San Francisco for an eventful week. Originally we weren’t planning on showing our upcoming game Mosaic in public, but...

At long last, we’re ready to show you more of our upcoming game Mosaic. At GDC in San Francisco, between March 19 and 23, we will display a playable part of Mosaic at Day of the Devs! Day of the Devs is an indie game showcase...


Hi, everyone! For the holidays we are bringing you a run-through of the year at Krillbite Studio.


Getting the word out about your game is complicated work, and securing sales for future finances is even harder. Having someone that works with marketing can help your team! Meet our marketing lead in this week's Dev Profile Interview!


We're in the second week of the presentations of the Krillbite team! Today we borrowed some time from one of our game designers, Adrian Tingstad Husby. He is the designer on our next project, Mosaic. This is his dream project and we know he's very excited to let everyone play it.


At Krillbite Studio we value transparency and openness around game development, and that's not always easy. This week we talk about how to share information. Is hype good for your game?