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Today we launched our brand new game, BLIPBLOP, on iOs and Android! You can download it right now, for free! Do it! You won’t regret it! [vc_column width=‘1/2’] With our new mobile sensation, BLIPBLOP - our aggressive market research and user testing practices exceed...


Among the Sleep has gotten a lot of good feedback for its atmospheric sound, which we are very proud of. This week we present the mastermind behind the great sound in our games, our sound designer Martin Kvale.


Welcome to dev profiles week three! Today we are presenting one of our programmers, Trond Fasteraune. He takes care Krillbite's plants and is the creator of a tiny robot that supervises coffee production at the office.


We're in the second week of the presentations of the Krillbite team! Today we borrowed some time from one of our game designers, Adrian Tingstad Husby. He is the designer on our next project, Mosaic. This is his dream project and we know he's very excited to let everyone play it.