Krillbite Studio | Jobs and FAQ
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Job openings at Krillbite Studio

None at the moment! Check back for future updates!

We do not, unfortunately, have resources for interns.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use Among the Sleep for Let’s Play videos on YouTube?
    Yes, you can!
  • May I monetize off of the Among the Sleep videos?
    Yes, you can!
  • Can I use The Plan for Let’s Play videos on Youtube?
    Yes, but you cannot monetize with these videos. We do not hold the copyrights for the music and therefore we are not eligible to give you permission to earn money off of it. Users who post videos of the game and make ad revenue, do not share the authorization we obtained for use of this music. If the video is without commentary or review, it is also considered to be a ‘public performance’, which violates the copyright for the music’s owner. We are not at liberty to ‘share’ our permission with people doing a let’s play video, which means we can not allow monetized let’s plays of the game. Reviews of the game are however protected under the 1st Amendment rights, which covers free speech. It is also worth noting that people have received claims from AdShare MG, which have no affiliation with Camerata. If you have made a review of The Plan and received a claim from AdShare MG, it should be safe to dispute this claim, and it should typically drop within 24 hours.
  • Will Among the Sleep come to Xbox One?
    It is out now!
  • Will Among the Sleep come to PlayStation 4?
    It already have! 😀
  • Will Among the Sleep come to Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3?
    No sorry.
  • Will Among the Sleep be out in retail?
    It is out now in Europe and North America! Get it in stores or at Amazon. It’s published by Soedesco!
  • Is it possible to buy physical copies of the soundtrack?
    No, sorry.
  • Hey, I backed you on Kickstarter but never got my game key.. What should I do?
    First check out your page at Humble Store to see if it’s there, contact them first if you cannot access your page. If this does not solve it, mail us at contact[at]krillbite[dot]com and we’ll fix it for you ASAP.