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Here are a few fresh screenshots and concepts from Among the Sleep. What do you think? It is in any case very rewarding for us to see the progress we've had the last months! Keep in mind it's all a work in progress, so things will change.

Watch another ~2 hours of drawing in 2 minutes! This timelapse video shows one of Tina Alfredsens latest drawings, depicting a hallway in the Forested House. The music track "Slightly Bigger Than a Bed Bug" is composed by Jan Erik Rød.

This timelapse video shows one of Karoline Aske's latest concept drawings, depicting a view from the forest level. The original drawing time of 1,5 hours has been compressed to 2 minutes and set to the "Meadow Theme", composed by Mats Haugland.

It's time for the last five games in our short series! (and some honorable mentions) If you miss any titles, please don't hesitate to extend the list into the comments below. And again, for those of you who find an unfamiliar title, we recommend you reschedule your evening! (go to part 1)

You might have guessed it, but we at Krillbite really value indie games. The amazing amount of high-quality projects released continue to astonish us, which is why we've decided to share with you some of our favourite titles! (please note, in no particular order).