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In memory of our friend Jory Prum

This weekend a great friend our ours, Jory Prum, passed away after a motorcycle accident. We are in deep sorrow for this loss and we wanted to take some time and write something is his memory. Jory was a sound engineer, a sound wizard, if we may, and our own beloved sound designer Martin Kvale has written some words to remember him by.

Major Steam build update


We have some good news for all our PC gamers: we have updated the Steam version of Among the Sleep!

Updated release dates for Among the Sleep

The end is near! At least for our Kickstarter, the console versions of Among the Sleep, and the year 2015. We have an important update on release dates for you!

We learned a lot about VR, so here is why we are rethinking Among the Sleep

You would think a first person horror game would be perfect for Virtual Reality. We thought so too, but in the last two years we have learned otherwise. Virtual Reality is wonderful, it’s immersive, engaging and powerful. But you really need to design your game for VR from the ground up, not the other way around.

We scared a bunch of people at RTX


Many of you know that Among the Sleep is finally coming to consoles later this year, both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (yay!), so as a part of our “hurray, consoles!” tour we went to RTX in Austin, Texas earlier this August.

We have a new CEO!


Some of you know that we have been looking for a new CEO and an extra programmer. We are happy to announce that we have found our new CEO; Jon Cato Lorentzen. Yesterday was his first day at the office! Yay!