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Krillbite Dev Profiles: Torjus!


This week we are presenting one of our wonderful freelancers! Torjus have been doing animation for us since Among the Sleep, and he also adds some extra sass at the office with a funny personality.

Krillbite Dev Profiles: Karoline!
karoline_incolor_devprofileblog Being an artist hides a plethora of interesting and important tasks in game development. This week we talk to Karoline, our magnificent artist behind the wonderful and different art styles of Krillbite Studio.
Krillbite Dev Profiles: Bjørnar!


Ever been so lazy you wrote a script so you wouldn't have to repeat the same task several times by hand? Well, then you are the best kind of lazy! This is also the case of our technical artist, Bjørnar.

Krillbite Dev Profiles: Kristina!


Getting the word out about your game is complicated work, and securing sales for future finances is even harder. Having someone that works with marketing can help your team! Meet our marketing lead in this week's Dev Profile Interview!

Krillbite Dev Profiles: Alexanna!


Programmers make the designer's dream possible, and this week we present one of our newest team members, Alexanna!

Krillbite Dev Profiles: Anders!


This week we're introducing the team's other game designer! Anders is currently working on an unannounced super secret project.

Krillbite Dev Profiles: Martin!


Among the Sleep has gotten a lot of good feedback for its atmospheric sound, which we are very proud of. This week we present the mastermind behind the great sound in our games, our sound designer Martin Kvale.

Krillbite Dev Profiles: Trond!


Welcome to dev profiles week three! Today we are presenting one of our programmers, Trond Fasteraune. He takes care Krillbite's plants and is the creator of a tiny robot that supervises coffee production at the office.

Krillbite Dev Profiles: Adrian!


We're in the second week of the presentations of the Krillbite team! Today we borrowed some time from one of our game designers, Adrian Tingstad Husby. He is the designer on our next project, Mosaic. This is his dream project and we know he's very excited to let everyone play it.