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Are you curious how Among the Sleep is made? In this video you’ll see Bjørnar playing around with some environments! It’s captured in the Unity engine, while assembling and lighting a test scene. In the end you’ll also see him walk around in the scene. Do you feel inspired to make video games? There is no reason not to!


The Plan has now been out for a week, and the positive feedback has been amazing! Over 25.000 people have already downloaded it officially (yes, we're humbled to be a hit on various torrent-sites as well), and the game is currently 73% on the way to Steam Greenlights top #100 list. Here is a a little snippet of the game's reception around the web:


Even though we're focusing heavily on developing Among the Sleep, we also find the time to toy with small side projects from time to time. We think it’s vital to always keep our minds fresh, by exploring new ideas. The Plan, a short experimental self-discovery videogame, is one of those projects. We are releasing it for free to PC, Mac and Linux users on the 10th of February!

Generally, our project Among the Sleep has received exclusively positive feedback over the web in the months since we published the projects first in-game teaser. But a few people have also expressed concerns about the supposedly fine line that we risk crossing. Understandably, the words horror, game and child in the same sentence seem to have raised a few eyebrows. We take our project seriously, and want to address these concerns in this post. In addition, I want to discuss the role of videogames in general, and explain why I think our preconceptions are partly responsible for said concerns, not only the content of our project. Through a closer examination of the concerns and their consequences, I will explain why I find them somewhat problematic. As the role of videogames continue to increase in importance, we should reflect on these issues to make sure the medium becomes what we ultimately want it to be.

Statement: The procedural, interactive and (potential) non-linear nature of games allows for them to address the human mind in ways none of the more static and linear media of the past can. But very often, because games are locked up in a cage of conventions and expectations to their design, they don’t cover even a fraction of the emotions or narrative of their artistic counterparts. I am both a gamer and game developer, but I still look at the vast majority of games today as merely “fun” gimmicks. With only a few notable exceptions, games are still structured around juvenile stories and rigid, competitive gameplay. As a result, to quote Scott Brodie, “the industry as a whole looks uninspired and adolescent by comparison to other popular art forms”. I completely agree with Scott, and I think it’s such a pity, such a waste.

Do you want to help us by testing our projects? Please visit this page and sign up! For the time being we are only testing the project Among the Sleep, but you can choose to be included for future projects as well. We will be testing both specific aspects (such as sound, controls, physics, story and visuals) as well as the game as a whole. We will contact testers continuously when we need you, so it might take some time before you are contacted. Thanks a lot!