Krillbite Studio | We are teaming up with Raw Fury!
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We are teaming up with Raw Fury!

…to publish our upcoming game Mosaic!

In Krillbite we have always identified ourselves as an indie developer. We want to make unique and interesting games and follow our hearts without limitations. For us, this is the core of indie game development.

Up until now we have also been self published. This has worked out well for us.

But things change. Being a self published independent developer was very different five years ago compared to today. The marketplace is more crowded. The competition is harder. And the publisher role has evolved.

We first met Raw Fury in San Francisco this winter and immediately hit it off. They loved Mosaic, and we loved their company philosophy and the games they publish. We were looking for some funding for the final stretch of the Mosaic development, and Raw Fury wanted to work with us. 

The more we talked to Raw Fury, the more we understood that this could be a great partnership. So this summer we signed a piece of paper: Raw Fury + Krillbite = True.

This has enabled us to hire more people for the final production of Mosaic. Our new project manager Marie Vilain is overseeing every phase of the development and production. We have a new animator Maja Bugge who has experience from Funcom and animated movies. And we have a new programmer called Dennis Foose who is implementing scenarios and gameplay functions into Mosaic every day.

The partnership also ensures that Mosaic will be present at a lot of cool conventions in the upcoming months. We will be at Gamescom next week (come say hi!) and at Pax West the week after, with plenty more to come.

We’re really excited to be working with Raw Fury, and look forward to showing you much more of Mosaic during the coming months.

  • Jody De Heiden
    Posted at 18:07h, 07 October Reply

    It going to be great 🙂 Can’t wait.

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