Krillbite Studio | Happy Birthday, Among the Sleep!
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Happy Birthday, Among the Sleep!

Hi, everyone!

Today, on May 29th, marks three years since Among the Sleep was released on PC! We’re celebrating with a special offer over at Green Man Gaming, for a limited time you can get Among the Sleep at 80% off!

The years have gone by so fast! Right now we are in the middle of developing our coming game Mosaic. You should check out our mysterious teaser trailer if you haven’t already!

Improved Arabic subtitles

There’s even some more good news today! We have just updated the Arabic subtitles on Among the Sleep for PC and PlayStation 4 (EU)! We had gotten reports of mistakes mostly caused by the font and some technical issues and they should be fixed now. But do let us know if you encounter any mistakes!

And since Ramadan started this weekend we want to take the opportunity to wish everyone that partakes a blessed month of Ramadan. If you want some tips on how to do game development and Ramadan, go follow Rami on Twitter!

Have a great week!


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