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Expanding offices

Exciting news! As an addition to our headquarters in Hamar, we just moved into new offices in Oslo!

There have been people working in Krillbite living in Oslo for years, but recently that number has grown, so we decided the time was right to get a small office there as well.

We moved into an office at Filmens Hus, “The House of Movies” in English. So as you can guess there are mostly companies working in the film industry, but lately several video game companies have moved in. Companies like Snowcastle (Earthlock), Fifth Season (AD 2460) and Megapop (Trolls vs. Vikings 2) are in the same building as we are. Soon the building will be renamed The House of Video Games! Kidding (not really).

Our new office! Can’t wait to decorate it!

We still have our main office in Hamar which will continue to be our main base of operations. One of the reasons is that we are happy and proud members of Hamar Game Collective. As Oslo is the capital of Norway there are a lot of business opportunities here, as well as partners, friends, collaborators and other creative companies that we know and love. We think it is important to spread out cultural, technical, and other special skill sets and jobs throughout the country, so we want to be a part of a smaller community while still having the opportunities the big city offers. Creating jobs in rural areas are important on many levels and we want to be part of that too.

The new office is a little spartan at the moment, but we are planning to decorate it with concept art, posters, and other stuff we find inspirational and cool. We would love to see pictures of your offices as inspiration! Feel free to share with us on Twitter @krillbite, or in the comments here!

On a rainy day, this is our view. It’s good inspiration for our coming game Mosaic if not much else.

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