Krillbite Studio | PlayStation (Europe) Sale!
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PlayStation (Europe) Sale!

Hi, everyone!

How is your week going?

If you live within the PlayStation Europe region (that is Europe, Africa, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand), we have some great news for you!

Among the Sleep is on sale at the PlayStation Store, and you can grab it at an amazing 66% off! PlayStation Plus is not required. But grab it before the sale ends tomorrow on the 23rd!

Among the Sleep is not discounted in any other PlayStation region at the moment, but you will hear from us when it is! As a reminder, Among the Sleep is available for PC (Win, Mac, and Linux) on Steam, GoG, and Humble, for PlayStation 4 physically and digitally, and for Xbox One digitally.

Several places you can add the game to your wishlist, and you’ll get a notification when the game is on sale – neat!

There is, of course, plenty of other great games also on sale. How about the mysterious and mind-bending horror game SOMA from Frictional Games

If you are not into horror, how about the gorgeous, charming, and heartbreaking adventure Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, made by Starbreeze Studios

Back to something dark, this puzzle adventure Inside, from PlayDead, is a game you don’t want to miss!

If you’re longing for summer we can recommend the immersive storytelling in Firewatch, made by lovely Campo Santo.

Our last recommendation is a real quirky and funny game called Clustertruck, developed by Landfall Games. It’s kind of addictive, you have been warned. 




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