Krillbite Studio | Happy New Year’s!
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Happy New Year’s!


A new year is linked to resolutions, bettering oneself, goals, and the thoughts of starting something new. At Krillbite we want to continue our cherished creative traditions, but also be open to new ideas and trying new things. What does Krillbite want to do in 2017? We asked around the office!

Professional and personal goals

Adrian is our lead designer on Mosaic, and you can get to know him better here.

“The only thing on my mind these days is Mosaic! I know we’re on to something great, but there’s a lot of work left to make it as good as we want it in 2017. I’m also looking forward to spending most of the year on the sea, sailing!”



Bjørnar is our technical artist and known for his problem-solving skills.

“Professionally, I want to learn some new software, specifically Houdini, a 3D program focused on procedurality and flexibility. It could be a big time-saver and opener of possibilities, but it’s rather finicky to get into. It has been on my list for a long time, and 2017 is the year where I’ll dive in for real.

On the personal side, I would like to do more of two things that are very related: travel and photography. Hiking, road tripping, exploring a city; anything goes as long as I can take pictures there (so, uh, basically anywhere). Hoping to get better at it!”


Kristina is our marketing lead and social media manager.

kristina_2017_blogpost“In 2017 I want to attend conferences and workshops about marketing and business development. I would also love to develop my skills further in programs like Photoshop and Premiere Pro.

Personally, I would like to publish a research paper. I would also love to hold more lectures. 2016 was a year of a lot of travels, and in 2017 I would like to slow down and find an apartment where my fiancé and I can keep a cat. Also, I want to get better at pilates.”

Martin is our sound designer who likes to experiment with weird sounds.


“Well, professionally I would say I want to become more structured, make it less messy for others that I work with.

Personally, I want to pet all the puppies. All of them.”


Anders was the lead designer on Among the Sleep and now working on an unannounced project.

anders_2017_blogpost“Professionally, I would like for Krillbite to release a game! I would love for us to release Mosaic, but a smaller project would also be fun!

Personally, I would like to play video games as much as possible, work on my own projects, and not least spend as many nights out in nature.”

Trond is one of our programmers, and he likes robots.trond_2017_blogpost

“I would like to Explore Bossa Studio’s technology used in Worlds Adrift, SpatialOS by Improbable, and see how it can be used to handle huge amounts of data and undo the MMO scare. I believe massive multiplayer games are more approachable to indie developers now than ever before.

In my personal life, I will iterate on the never-ending process of growing up. Find an apartment. Go to Iceland. Ride a horse. Eat more. Sleep less. Teach more and have more talks. Create havoc. Hijack a spaceship. Go to mars. Start a colony. Invade earth.”

Jon Cato is our CEO, and he is really good at dad jokes.

“On a professional level, I would like to get better at project majoncato_2017_blogpostnagement. While I have led different projects in jobs I had before I joined Krillbite, I’ve never managed projects with the scope and size of a full video game. I’d like to get more hands on in the planning and tracking of our projects and contribute in a more direct manner in 2017.

As for my personal ambitions in 2017. I exercised and started to eat more healthy in 2016 and lost 15 kilos. I’ve gained five back this fall, so my ambition for 2017 is to pick up the good habits again and lose another ten kilos before the summer. Once you get to be my age you really start to feel your body ageing, so I want to slow the inevitable decline any way I can.”


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