Krillbite Studio | Happy Holidays!
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Happy Holidays!


Hi, everyone! For the holidays we are bringing you a run-through of the year at Krillbite Studio.

Can’t believe 2016 is already at its end! As cheesy as it may be, we would like to sum up the year and appreciate what has happened. 2016 has been a tough year in general for many, and we are very happy and thankful to be going out strong.

Updates and something new
We started the year with a Steam update for Among the Sleep! We updated the project to Unity 5 and fixed a lot of bugs.

In spring we had a trip for some quality time for the company. After this, we continued the hard work on porting Among the Sleep to Xbox One, and we were also working on something unannounced. At Game Developers Conference we unveiled our next project; the mysterious adventure game Mosaic!


In the summer we released Among the Sleep for Xbox One! And then we released the game in physical editions for PlayStation 4 and PC! It really feels cool getting your hands on a good, old physical edition of your game. We love seeing your pictures and videos from when you play the game! Feel free to tag us in it on social media, it really makes our day!

Mosaic is coming to PlayStation 4
During fall we had interviews with everyone in the studio, and you can get to know all 10 of us on the blog! You can also learn more about the work of programmers, artists, animators, CEOs, and game designers.

The latest news for the year is that Mosaic is coming for PlayStation 4! We are so happy to be working with PlayStation again. We also got invited over to the PlayStation Experience in Anaheim, California earlier in December. We showed Mosaic and Among the Sleep at a booth and we really enjoyed meeting you and talking video games!


At the booth at PSX.


People playing Among the Sleep at the booth.


Anaheim gave us some gorgeous weather!

That was all for this year! We are already excited for next year and all the adventures that await! We will tell more about Mosaic. If you are curious for more right now, check out this new interview with Engadget.

Be good to each other in the cold time! And take care those of you with summer (we’re totally not jealous, yeah). With lots of love, we wish you happy holidays and a great new year!


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