Krillbite Studio | Krillbite Dev Profiles: Torjus!
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Krillbite Dev Profiles: Torjus!


This week we are presenting one of our wonderful freelancers! Torjus have been doing animation for us since Among the Sleep, and he also adds some extra sass at the office with a funny personality.

What did you study in school?

I actually studied animation at the university college here in Hamar. This is the same college most of the other Krillbite team members attended. After this, I took a year with programming to widen my professional knowledge.

And how did you start out with animation?

I worked a bit with it before attending college. Made short movies with simple art. Generally, I have always been a big fan of working on computers. My mum worked at IBM and we have had computers since I was a young child. I searched for DOS games before I could speak English, which we study here in Norway from 3-4th grade. Straight after high school, I was really unsure what I wanted to do, but I started computer science because of my love of computers. I found this pretty boring, and all black and white. I then got called into the military and used my year there to further figure out what I wanted to do. But even after this I still wasn’t sure, and I missed the application window for colleges and universities. I, therefore, spent a year working at a gas station. After this, I was told about the animation degree at Hamar University College. This was the first public animation degree, all the others are private and costly, so this was just perfect! I ended my degree three years later and got a tip about a job at Krillbite.

Do you remember the first animations you made?

The first stuff I made was violent stickmen movies. They were fighting and re-creating epic scenes. At this time Newgrounds were super popular, and I of course wanted to create stuff like they did. There were lots of blood. Just black, white, and red were used. After this, I started playing games more than making stuff, but after my degree, I got a job as an animator at Krillbite and I was super happy to be animating games again! I came in pretty late in production so I didn’t do much of the main game, but I animated lots of the stuff on the DLC. My favourite animation from that is the furnace in the cellar.

Oh, yeah! You can see Markiplier playing and discovering the furnace here!

What do you think is the biggest challenge with animation work?

Well, it could actually be to interpret the assignees work request right. You get a tonne of information, create the animation, and then there’s a big ball of excitement and nerves waiting to see if it was exactly like they wanted. A lot of people have troubles understanding animation, and it can be hard getting the respect and pay that a professional animator should get. Some don’t understand how much it costs and how many hours of work there is behind it.

It is very sad to hear this, and unfortunately, this is a problem is several places in the industry. Be sure to value yourself and your work.

Although it can be a tough job, doing animation is pretty amazing! What’s the most fun about it?

This is definitely to see the finished animation in a game/movie/other! When others are using it, when I get to see it in action, and that others accept and like them! It is an amazing feeling!

Do you have a dream project?

It’s not something detailed, but I would love to work on an epic fantasy game. I want to make giant monster action scenes like in Monster Hunter. I also want to make the spectacular action like those in games like Skyrim.

Any tips for future animators?

You should always work on something. But maybe keep it simple in your spare time, so that you have a bigger chance to finish it. The feeling of finishing something can be a great motivation for future work. And it can create a sense of achievement which also feels good! Keep in form between paid work, and check out new animation movies and special effects. There is a lot to read, and always something to update yourself on. It is so inspiring looking at the newest work and imagining working with that one day yourself.

On an ending note, do you have any favourite animators?

I grew up with Disney, Ghibli, Pixar, so they are all very close to my heart. I really enjoy seeing the newest being used by big budget movies. More specifically I can probably pinpoint the cinematics of Blizzard as one of my absolute favourites. I really love the Overwatch cinematics.

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