Krillbite Studio | Krillbite Dev Profiles: Kristina!
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Krillbite Dev Profiles: Kristina!


Getting the word out about your game is complicated work, and securing sales for future finances is even harder. Having someone that works with marketing can help your team! Meet our marketing lead in this week’s Dev Profile Interview!

What is your role on the team?
Hi! My name is Kristina, and I work with marketing and interact with the community. It’s a very diverse position, with lots of different tasks each week. I plan events and talk to many people each day. I work as the person outwards and if you contact us on mail or social media you will most likely meet me.

How did you get into game development?
I have been playing video games since I was a kid, and while attending university I started researching video games. I had a part-time job where I worked with communication in an organisation that held conferences for game developers, students, and game researchers. With this experience and my master’s degree (about video games) I got my job at Krillbite Studio. I love working in games and I love business development, so it’s kind of perfect!

Why did you choose this?
The business life chose me. Or, well, I love to organise, talk to people, do biz dev, and to write. These are tasks I spend most of my time on. I also get to be involved in game development and other media, which I love.

Did you know you wanted to work with games early on?
No, not really. When I was a kid I wanted to be a palaeontologist, and in high school, I wanted to be a journalist. At university, I realised I could work with games, and have worked towards that ever since.

What is your top three video games?
There are always changes in this list, but there are three games from my youth that still gives me immense joy. And these definitely hooked me on as a lover of games. The three are Banjo Kazooie, Resident Evil, and Pokémon FireRed.

What is your dream video game project?
Hm. I want to make a small quirky game with a lot of humour (think Costume Quest), and a big epic visually striking game with a great story and heavy narrative (think The Witcher series). Since I don’t develop games on a day-to-day basis I really like attending game jams!

What are your favourite things to work on?
Business development and going to conferences! With this you get to talk to a lot of interesting people, you get to travel, and you get to present the product you have been working on! For a game developer, seeing other people playing your game is both scary, frustrating, but also fun and exhilarating!

What is your fondest memory from Krillbite Studio?
Right after I started working at Krillbite Studio, Among the Sleep was nominated for an award at Nordic Game Conference. This was my first international game conference, and that in itself was pretty cool to me. At the award show, we were nervous and excited. When Krillbite Studio and Among the Sleep was announced as the winners we almost could not believe it. It was an amazing feeling standing on the stage with the team that made a game I love and knowing I was a part of it now.

So what are you guys up to nowadays?
Right now we are working on a new game called Mosaic. It is a different genre than Among the Sleep, but we still focus on telling stories creates an impact on people. We always want to create games that give people something more than an entertaining experience.

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