Krillbite Studio | Krillbite Dev Profiles: Anders!
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Krillbite Dev Profiles: Anders!


This week we’re introducing the team’s other game designer! Anders is currently working on an unannounced super secret project.

What is your role on the team?
In a small indie team like ours, we all wear several hats and often times simultaneously. But my main job is being a game designer, which is sort of like being the first joint of a video game production.

My job is to come up with creative, cool and innovative ideas for games, and then put these into design documents and communicate them to the rest of the team in a way that gets their creative juices flowing. I also test and tweak gameplay and balance to make sure that our games are as fun as possible.

Occasionally I work as the lead game designer, depending on the project. Then the role becomes more like a director, where I try to keep a bird’s eye perspective of the whole production and try to steer the whole project in the right direction corresponding to the vision.

How did you get into game development?
As with most members of our team, I started studying Game Design and got my bachelor degree with our thesis project Among the Sleep. This was the start of the game development adventure, and we founded the company and went into full production of the game immediately after that.

Why did you choose this?
I grew up playing video games and I’ve been in love with the medium for as long as I can remember. Playing games is my passion, and what I enjoy the most out of all things in the world. This combined with being a creative person wishing for a creative job, and it’s almost as if this was the only option that made sense.

Did you know you wanted to work with games early on?
Yes. I remember being a young kid playing PlayStation at my best buddy’s house, talking about “How cool it would be to work with video games when we grow up!” – and now we both do. Pretty neat!

What is your top three video games?
Oh man, these questions are not fair. I’ll have to say Dark Souls, Inside and Kerbal Space Program.

It IS hard keeping it to just three. Probably should feel bad for asking that.

What is your dream video game project?
Also a tough one. My current dream video game to play is huge open world space sim that will allow me to manoeuvre a ship around in space alongside friends, trade goods with other players, explore planets, build stations in orbit and a bunch of other things. Drools.

As for dream project to create, there isn’t really a specific one. I guess the dream would be to create something so unique and innovative that it is genre-defining. I’m glad to work on Krillbite projects as our goal is always to focus on innovation.

What’s the best part of game development?
My favourite thing to work on is the very first initial baby stages of a new concept. When it’s all dreams and imagination and you haven’t started figuring out all the terrible aspects of it yet.

Video game development is really fun and inspiring, kids, we swear!

What is your fondest memory from Krillbite Studio?
My most fond memory of the studio must be that evening a couple of years ago when we released Among the Sleep. It was very emotional as we had put so many hours of hard work into it. I shed my favourite tears that evening.

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    Posted at 15:14h, 26 October Reply

    This guy looks like someone who might or might not have seen a mountain before.

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