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Krillbite Dev Profiles: Trond!


Welcome to dev profiles week three! Today we are presenting one of our programmers, Trond Fasteraune. He takes care Krillbite’s plants and is the creator of a tiny robot that supervises coffee production at the office.

What kind of programmer are you?

I write code and it makes the screen go bleep boop.

Sounds like you’re programming R2D2.

How did you get into game development, young padawan?

I made my own Counter Strike “fun” server in 2005-2006 called “AtomiC’s ka_roadwars_v2 24/7” with some of my own unique modifications. The server had 16 slots and was usually full most of the time.
I made modifications to the server by copy pasting and modifying bits of code from the forum so I guess my path to becoming a programmer started then. A lot of whining and begging in poor English to have people help me. It turned out great though.

I got into making maps as well. “atomics_ka_roadwars_final” is my first real public “product”. A legacy I left behind.

Modding Garry Newman’s first hit game after Rust, Garry’s Mod, was the “real” kickstarter of my game development career. Tinkering with small pieces of code peaked my interest in getting something “real” done. So I began to learn one of the hardest programming languages in the world, C++. The rest is history as I knew I wanted to make video games by then.

How did you know you wanted to make games?

I wanted to and I didn’t care about doing anything else. Might as well go for your hobby if you really don’t know what to become. My parents didn’t push me into pursuing anything else either

Did you know you wanted to work with games early on?

My parents were really supportive when I told them I wanted to apply for college already at the end of my first year of high school. I got my application approved a few days later and spent the remaining time in high school learning programming and getting a grade that “made me pass”. I got a D in math (don’t tell my company).

“He got a WHAT in WHAT?!” a loud voice roared from somewhere far away..

What is your top three video games?

I played Garry’s Mod for about 8 years and helped administrate the oldest still surviving community there. A mix of awful, goofy and edgy people not taking anything serious versus screaming children who take video games too serious. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had.
Second and third? Not sure.. INSIDE is pretty cool. Opinions change!

A programmer that doesn’t want to commit. Poetic!

What is your dream video game project?

I’ll know when I’m making it. At the moment I have a game idea in mind, but this changes as I’ve had plenty of those in the past. Currently I really want to create a massively multiplayer game.

What is your favourite programming language to work in?

C++ is the language where you can write a lot of code and get nothing done. It’s like driving a car “fully manual” where you have to interact with all the parts in order to get somewhere. I like C++ but I enjoy the safety and sanity of C#. C++ was a part of my life for 6 years before I got saved.

What is your fondest memory from Krillbite Studio?

Must be the cabin trip we went to.

You can read about that one here actually!

Have any questions for a programmer? Let us know in the comments!


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