Krillbite Studio | We are making a new game; Mosaic!
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We are making a new game; Mosaic!


We are tremendously pleased with annoucing our next game Mosaic! It is quite different from both The Plan and Among the Sleep, and we are eager to test the grounds with something new.

A grey, meaningless life turned around
Mosaic is a narrative-heavy game, about urban isolation, and a life without joy or meaning. The teaser depicts this alienation and mundanity where every day is the same, until one day when … strange things starts happening. The game is set for release next year, and we are very excited about the development ahead!

What are people saying about the game so far?
The teaser have stirred up some curiosity already. Rock Paper Shotgun called Mosaic an “adult game”, which might be a joke on us since we made a horror game with a toddler earlier.. And now we have a grown up as a protagonist! But just to be clear, it is not an “adult game“.. Killscreen said “Mosaic will tackle the soul-crushing surrealism of adult life”, and this is an interesting read with an exciting analytic viewpoint. PC Gamer has taken another road and explored some of the clues we left in the trailer.. Watch the trailer first if you want to find them yourself!


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