Krillbite Studio | In memory of our friend Jory Prum
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In memory of our friend Jory Prum

This weekend a great friend our ours, Jory Prum, passed away after a motorcycle accident. We are in deep sorrow for this loss and we wanted to take some time and write something is his memory. Jory was a sound engineer, a sound wizard, if we may, and our own beloved sound designer Martin Kvale has written some words to remember him by.

I write these words as my train is passing Lake Mjøsa, the biggest lake in Norway. The lake has just started rising from meltwater coming down from the mountains further up. At the destination I’m going to, water is starting to come up to the base of some town bells that chime every hour, which Jory and I wanted to record. Jory loved this train ride as it took him through the nature of his newly chosen country, Norway. He also loved and was loved in return by everyone that knew him over here. The last few years he had become crucial in the Norwegian game scene and been more than central to shaping up initiatives to support the industry grow and helping out everyone. To make our games sound as good as possible, he connected people through his huge network of friends, helped several local teams find perfect voice actors for their characters, designed sounds, edited music, implemented hooks, suggested, held talks and workshops. He was continuously present and immensely valuable to us as a professional in his field as well as a dear friend.


Jory did character sound design on For the Birds by Pixar, which won an Oscar.

He was responsible for my first gig in games with Krillbite’s Among The Sleep, as he recommended the team getting a full time sound designer at the same time I came looking. He had been in Hamar and given a lecture about sound, and told them very clearly they needed someone dedicated and able to put in the hours of work. He taught me my first steps in game audio and gave me confidence to learn and try what I needed to get to where I am now. At every step of the way in production he was around for questions, and helped us cast the fantastic Cia Court and Roger Jackson to voice Mother and Teddy respectively. Among The Sleep would have been a lesser experience if not for Jory.


This is from Nordic Game Awards 2015, where we won Best Artistic Achievement for Among the Sleep.

In Norway we sometimes do a thing called “dugnad”, it is when people work together as a communal effort. Jory pulled more than his share at any time and was always willing to show support for any person or project in need of help. After his accident I spent some time looking at the various channels I am part of, discussing and coming up with ways to help his recovery and his family, his work and life. I think of the splash he has made in the world with all this love flowing from all corners of the world, and he would have been moved to see the initiatives being done for him.

I remember when we sat around in our shared office in Oslo, we would talk about everything and nothing, and with Jory this would always turn into a good conversation. Being American he could hold his part, unlike most Norwegians who tend to be more of an introvert by culture. You could also hear his laugh echo through the halls, a laughter like none other. Right now we are all in shock huddling together all around the country to reminisce and mourn his passing, and to console each other from losing a dear and beloved friend. A friend we were looking forward to having around for many years.


He was always ready to help out and loved game jams! Here he is at Splash! – a game jam on a cruise ship in the Norwegian sea.


  • Catharina
    Posted at 12:08h, 26 April Reply

    He will truly be missed. He brought so much good to our community.

  • Ali and Duncan
    Posted at 12:37h, 04 May Reply

    Big gentle hugs to you all. Xoxo

  • Soley
    Posted at 20:55h, 06 July Reply

    RIP for him. It is hard so see a person (specially talented one) passed away.

  • Sadie Barron
    Posted at 16:06h, 09 September Reply

    I’m so sorry to hear this. I felt like a vampire as a stake impaled my heart.

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