Krillbite Studio | Team building in the wilderness
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Team building in the wilderness


The entire Krillbite Studio spent their previous weekend out in the Norwegian wilderness!

Actually it was at a very cosy cabin, but that doesn’t sound very tough now does it.

How did we end up there?

Every company should realise how important the relationship between co-workers is. A well-working team is one with excellent communication that is not afraid of giving constructive feedback, that knows and respects each other.

At the office you work with each other, maybe have lunch together one day, bounce ideas off each other and so on. But you always have the work sphere around you. Doing something just for the social of it creates a different tone that lets you develop connections with people on another level.


We had some snow adventures!

At the cabin we got assigned different chores; to make breakfast, dinner, lunch and so on. Here you have to work together on something else than a game, and develop your co-working skills further! Also, it results in food which makes the rest of the team very happy!

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Maki at the cabin. Can it get any fancier?

We also played board games, went skiing, enjoyed the sunshine and nature. We had a great time together and we can see that our future work might benefit from the trip. Some of the team members have known each other for many years, but some have been with the team for less than a year, which makes it important to create new opportunities to get to know each other.

Slack for iOS Upload

The gang (minus our photographer CEO) is enjoying some breakfast at the cabin! Totally never awkward to take pictures of people eating.

Social gatherings should not feel forced, so if you feel like you would rather not hang out with the people you work with, it might be an underlying problem you should tackle. Every workspace is different, and it gets harder to know everyone the bigger the company is, but for your own sake you should feel positive about your work environment.


Other ways of team building!

Game developers love to develop games, but sometimes you can get stuck in a rut. One way of getting out of this can actually be to participate in a game jam! Bring your team and do something completely different for a restricted time period. If you would want to hang out with us in Krillbite Studio and jam you could join Lyst! It is quite a special game jam, and it will happen in our home town Hamar (in Norway), so come create awesome games with us!

As mentioned, social gatherings without the backspace of work can be great for team spirit, but you can also create something awesome for the team at conferences and other work related trips. We went to Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this March and had a great time developing ourselves professionally. When you arrange trips together with the company you develop skills around planning and executing logistics, coordinating events, and of course you get the experience of meeting new people together with your co-workers!

The take-away

So don’t underestimate the little things around co-working relationships, and always plan well, both small and big events!

Do you have any tips on creating an awesome work environment?

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