Krillbite Studio | PlayStation 4 release and Happy Holidays
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PlayStation 4 release and Happy Holidays


The Holidays are getting closer, the office is almost empty, and Among the Sleep is out on PlayStation 4!

It has been quite the year for us at Krillbite Studio. Earlier in December we released Among the Sleep on PlayStation 4 (US shop)! We feel very humbled to be one of only three Norwegian games on PlayStation 4! If you are a PlayStation Plus Member you will get 10% off, all through December.

The coming year will also bring wonderful things, like the Xbox One version of Among the Sleep, and we will continue the work on our unannounced project. And maybe tell you a bit about it! The release date for the Xbox One version of Among the Sleep will be revealed next year!

What else have happened this year

There have been some changes in the team this year, which we wrote about earlier this year. We are still the same at the core <3

Among the Sleep turned one, and The Plan turned two years in 2015. Happy birthdays to us! We also decided to discontinue a complete version of Among the Sleep for Oculus Rift. We went into detail on the blog, but the major reason for this is that the compromises it would take to bring Among the Sleep to VR, would take away everything that made the game what it is. We made the game playable for DK1, so we did get a lot of experience from it. We of course hope to develop more for VR in the future and will keep you updated if we have anything cool to show!

This year we even finally sent out the physical Kickstarter rewards! The backers have gotten artbooks, special and regular editions of the game, soundtracks, and t-shirts. Tag us on social media if you wanna show us! (We would love to see!)

Lastly we are so proud of Among the Sleep which has won a Nordic prize, an American prize, and a German prize! All thanks to the wonderful support we have gotten!

We love you guys

So thank you guys so much for all your love and support this year <3 We truly appreciate all your feedback and heartwarming e-mails. Keep being awesome and we’ll see you next year!


We wish all of you Happy Holidays!
Lots of love from the Krills

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