Krillbite Studio | Updated release dates for Among the Sleep
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Updated release dates for Among the Sleep


The end is near! At least for our Kickstarter, the console versions of Among the Sleep, and the year 2015. We have an important update on release dates for you!

Console versions of Among the Sleep

Among the Sleep will be released on the 8th of December in America, and 9th of December in the rest of the world. To celebrate release we’ll be streaming the first hour of Among the Sleep on the 9th of December, from 8PM GMT on our Twitch-channel Krillbite Studio. (That’s at 12 PM PST for you people on the other side of the world). We’re going to play the game on PlayStation 4. You can log into your PSN account and register for the stream on your PlayStation 4!

Also! Bonus information! We’ll also reveal the release date of Among the Sleep for Xbox One later in December. Stay tuned on Twitter and Facebook for that!


There might be monsters on the playground…


Kickstarter rewards

Lately we have been busy with packing and sending out physical Kickstarter rewards. It’s been so great finally being able to do this! We have gotten some super sweet messages from people who have received their stuff. Hope to hear from more of you! <3


We have physical copies, special editions, t-shirts, CDs and artbooks to send out 😀


Norwegian game expo

Early in november we attended the biggest game expo in Norway. We brought a bunch of devs and had a huge indie stand. Some of them were the arena multiplayer Corroded, co-op games Shadow Puppeteer, Shiftlings and Degrees of Separation, the action rhythm game Klang, and the extremely anticipated Owlboy! We showcased Among the Sleep on PlayStation 4, and even got a day at the PlayStation stand as well! We got some great feedback from core console players so we really appreciate the opportunity!


At the PlayStation 4 stand.



At our chill indiestand.


What’s that? At our game collective we have a recurring event we call TestBonanza where people come from all over to showcase and test games. It’s a great social event and we always have a good time! Last Friday we showed some teaser stuff from our next project. More information about that will come next year 😀

Until next time!

Lots of love,
Krillbite Studio


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