Krillbite Studio | Among the Sleep won international prize for creativity!
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Among the Sleep won international prize for creativity!


We are big fans of creativity and love it when people get together to celebrate video games. So lucky for us we were invited to a festival for creative computer games in Hamburg!

International and varied

We were nominated with Among the Sleep in the Most Creative Game category at PLAY 15. The other nominees were Lumino City from the UK and Mimics from Germany. The jury where a mix of German and French game developers and teachers.

The festival had a big and varied showcase of video games and they had done a really good job of choosing exceptional and creative games. There was Realistic Kissing Simulator, a real life medieval jousting game called Jolly Jousting, an eye tracking game called Lucid, Pull Me Push You, Sisyfox, and lots of other gems. We were really proud to be among them!

Among the Sleep had a very nice set-up at the showcase! We got an air mattress which the players could chill on.

ats-setup-play15It’s best to be comfortable
when playing a horror game


It was our first time in Hamburg and we experienced a city filled to the brink with artistic expressions. The European architecture is so gorgeous and we felt so inspired walking through the city. There were also a lot of street art and we even saw posters for a street art school!

hamburg-streetart-play15One of the many cool pieces we saw

Award ceremony at the art museum

Saturday was the award ceremony and there were three categories; The Audience Award (Jolly Jousting won), Most Innovative Newcomer Game (Lucid won) and Most Creative Game. When the host started reading the explanation for who won the Most Creative Game prize we could tell it was us from the start and there was a moment of shock because we hadn’t expected it. We were so pleasantly surprised and happy!

KroogKristinaPlay15 Check out the sweet trophy we got!

The ceremony was held in an art museum which for us is important because so many still consider video games inferior to other mediums. We feel video games can be art in all forms.

We were also so happy that the developers of Jolly Jousting and Lucid won as well. They were two groups of students and we believe they have so much cool to offer in the future! Best of luck to you all!

Thank you

It is so humbling and wonderful to be recognised for our creative work. We are so grateful to be able to do what we do and we are excited to share our next game in the future.

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