Krillbite Studio | The Plan – first week reception
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The Plan – first week reception


The Plan has now been out for a week, and the positive feedback has been amazing! Over 25.000 people have already downloaded it officially (yes, we’re humbled to be a hit on various torrent-sites as well), and the game is currently 73% on the way to Steam Greenlights top #100 list.

Here is a a little snippet of the game’s reception around the web:

“In order, here are the emotions I experienced during the three minutes it took me to play The Plan, the new free morsel from the Norwegian indie developer Krillbite: confusion, frustration, boredom, fear, amusement, delight, joy, enchantment, and regret. One of the things independent games ask us to do is accept that a three-minute game can be as valid as a thirty-hour one. Games like these make it hard to disagree.”

“Hey, You Should Play This”

“Some may argue that The Plan isn’t really a game and it definitely occupies the same terrain as Journey, Passage, and Dear Esther, but it’s shorter than Journey, prettier than Passage, and less overwrought than Dear Esther, making it well worth taking a punt on for the low price of free.”

“It’s that space in the mechanics for thought and interpretation that I appreciate most here. The Plan won’t break your brain, but it’s a nicely contemplative journey.”


“Krillbite Studio, the developers behind Among The Sleep, have gone on and released a most polished, visually stunning and freeware new game”

“It’s a side scroller… I see… Pass.”
Youtube comment

In addition, the gameplay teaser is climbing towards 100.000 views on youtube, and it has been entertaining to watch the countless “lets-plays” that have popped up.

If you’d like to play it again, we’ve rolled out an update to fix a few minor bugs that people have been having. And if you’d like others to play it (or maybe have it in your very own Steam library), please continue to share the game and vote for it on the Greenlight campaign!

Thanks again for playing, and for all the great feedback 🙂


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